African spinach( efo tete)

African Spinach (GREEN) contains nutrients such as fibre vitamins (niacin, vitamin A, folate, vitamin C and B6), minerals (calcium, iron, manganese, potassium, zinc, and magnesium), riboflavin and thiamine, it also includes carotenoids such as beta-carotene among others in which all this mentioned Nutrients have been studied and it is found very useful to human health. […]

The health benefits of waterleaf (efo gbure)(Talinum triangulare)

Waterleaf, (Talinum triangulare), is one of the nost underrated and undervalued plants in Nigeria. Many scientific studies and trials have proved that water leaf shows that it can inhibit proliferation of cancer cells and shrink tumours. Other studies have been focused on its cerebral-protective potential and it indicates that the consumption of waterleaf enhances brain […]

Common poultry diseases and Natural Treatments

Diseases in poultry can lead to a massive loss of money and other things. However, multiple ways of treating poultry diseases have been discovered.Below are the common diseases that affect birds and their Organic/Natural medications. 1. MAREK’S DISEASE: this disease is a viral disease which is highly contagious in birds.  Symptoms – Paralysis in the […]

Sack farming! A very efficient tool of empowerment

innovations are required to address food insecurity and poverty in Nigeria and Africa.  Sack farming is a Goldmine that can help solve alot of problems that we have like vitamin a and iron deficiency.  The objective of this innovative  experiment will  improve food security at household level, increase household food and vegetable production and consumption, […]

Bitterleaf juice( Vernonia amygdalina)

Bitter leaf juice has so much medicinal properties active like anticancer, antibacterial, antimalarial and antiparastic agent. So many benefits!! This plant have been around for hundreds of years but only few people know of its medicinal and healing properties. Bitter leaf (Vernonia amygdalin) is a very bitter plant and it’s leaves,stems, barks, extract are all […]

10 Natural ways to eliminate Mosquitoes,Bugs and other insects.

Mosquitoes are the major causes of malaria, dengue and yellow fever and these are deadly diseases.!  mosquito repellent products helps us reduce the mosquito population but they’re filled with chemicals that aren’t good for us and our environment. These are natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes and other insects. You should Try using these […]

Health benefits of bitterleaf( V. amygdalina)

V. amygdalina(bitterleaf) is very high in crude-protein (22.1%), ash (33.98%), and crude fiber (11.12%). It has a lot of medicinal benefits for humans and animals . it can delay the onset of heart diseases and stroke can be used as an active anticancer, antibacterial and antiparasite.  studies indicate that extract of bitter leaf exerts antibiotic […]

Powerful Nigerian Herbal Plants

Powerful Nigerian Herbs! Botanical names and Yoruba names. 1)Rytigynia nigerica – Elegun oko 2)Morinda morindiodes – Ponju owiwi 3)Pycnanthus angolensis -Akomu 4)Ocimum gratissimum- Efirin-nla                 5)Solanum nigrum-Odu 6)Theobroma cacao- Koko 7)Allium sativum- Ayuu 8)Ceiba pentandra- Araba 9)Spondias mombin-Iyeye 10)Hyptis suaveolens-Jogbo                    […]