Cattle fattening is a livestock production practice that reduces animal movements while feeding special feed with high nutrientsthereby fattening cattle faster and quicker. We then sell theLarger animals for more money on the market because they yield more meat. …we feed them with a protein balanced, high-energy diet for a period of 90 days before we sell. Cattle fattening is one of our newly incipient action and it’s a very effective poverty Alleviation approach and that’s why it’s a very important and lucrative business sector but lack of funds to buy cattles for the fattening programswhen the prices are “favourable” is a huge loss of opportunity for profits. We have over 300 hotels uncountable restaurants, meat markets, etc around our selling spot. We have unlimited buyers.

Farming cycle: 6 months   

ROI : 15%

Single Investment: N250,000


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