Health benefits of bitterleaf( V. amygdalina)

V. amygdalina(bitterleaf) is very high in crude-protein (22.1%), ash (33.98%), and crude fiber (11.12%). It has a lot of medicinal benefits for humans and animals . it can delay the onset of heart diseases and stroke can be used as an active anticancer, antibacterial and antiparasite.  studies indicate that extract of bitter leaf exerts antibiotic action against drug resistant micro-organisms and can prevent or delay the onset of breast cancer and diabetes and other diseases.The components in bitter leaf juice make it great therapy for burning off that extra fat you have been looking at getting rid of. A daily dose of bitter leaf juice in your diet can eliminate bad cholesterol and reduces excess calories in the body. Bitter leaf got numerous anti-cancer properties like andrographolide compound which has been scientifically found to be effective in treating prostate cancers, gastric cancers, and colon. Furthermore, studies have shown that bitter leaf extract can boost the immune system, inhibit tumor growth and prevent the development of cancer cells. Bitter leaf is very impressive when it comes to its benefit to the reproductive system of women. Drinking bitter leaf juice can help a woman get pregnant as the chemical compounds present in bitter leaf extracts like edotides promotes hormonal balance and boosts your immune system to help fight against toxification. Once balance is restored to your genital hormone, your chances of being reproductive increases tremendously.Bitter leaf also helps to cleanse such vital organs of the body like the liver and the kidney. Bitter leaf is also used in the treatment of skin infections such as ringworm, rashes and eczema…. Bitterleaf juice should be part of our daily lives. It’s a Blessing!

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