Sack farming! A very efficient tool of empowerment

innovations are required to address food insecurity and poverty in Nigeria and Africa.  Sack farming is a Goldmine that can help solve alot of problems that we have like vitamin a and iron deficiency.  The objective of this innovative  experiment will  improve food security at household level, increase household food and vegetable production and consumption, and it will also generate income. This will contributes to a more balanced household consumption, and generated income from the sale of “vegetables” and other crops.  Sack farming can be practised anywhere in the world because it does not require farmland and rainwater and if you’re lucky to have a farmland then it can help you get better results with small resources. Sack farming retains water and consumes fertilizer adequately and  It will save you money. Sack farming is exactly what it sounds like. A large bag is stood on its end and filled with growing medium consisting of compost manure and soil. Holes are cut into the side of the bag in five rows of eight holes. Where Three to four week old transplants are put in place. The main advantage of sack farming is their portability, low size, low cost, efficiency, productivity, and contributions to food security. In some African countries like Kenya, Malawi, Ghana, Cameroun etc many residents living in towns and cities are turning to urban farming, which is known as vertical sacks or bags farming to fight poverty, enhance food security and improve environmental sustainability but why is this not popular in Nigeria?

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