How To Make A Fortune From Snail Farming Business in Nigeria.

Snail farming is one of the most Lucrative and Profitable Agricultural Business in Nigeria and around the World


Snail farming is one of the most Lucrative and Profitable Agricultural Business in Nigeria and around the World

Unfortunately,It has not been properly explored and commercialized yet.

Why Snail Farming (Horticulture)
The Global Market for Snail Meat (Escargot) Export is worth around $1 Billion  or more

The Annual Demand for Snail alone in Nigeria is over 7.7million KG,The United States alone spends over 4 Million USD Every year on Snail Meat Import while France is  the highest importers of Snail Meat worldwide.

The International Trade in Snail is Flourishing worldwide and the demand for Snails in Nigeria is actually more than the Supply and this will even change due to statistics that proves our Population will double within 5-10 years time.

The market potential for Snail is insatiable both Locally and internationally. Snail is an export commodity, which has value next to gold in overseas countries.


Steps And Guide To Starting Up A Snail Farm Business

Offering more than one package will multiply your turnover.

  • Step 1 – Know the Species of the Snails you are going to Breed.                                                                                                          We have two Species of the African Giant Snail that are very popular in the West African Region and they are the Achatina Achatina and Achatina Marginata. When setting up a Snail Farm, You are adviced to use a Single Specie of Snail Element
  • Step 2 – Set up Your Snail Pen or Snail Housing either on your Farm land or your Backyard.
    Snails are very smart escapist ,You have to secure their Snail Pen/House properly to avoid them escaping from their Enclosure.Your Snails must have enough space so they can move freely,Overcrowding of their Pen could lead to a risk in disease outbreak
  • Step 3 – Purchase your Breeder Snails
    After you have constructed their Pen/Cage or House,It’s time to purchase your Breeder snails .The breeder snails must be healthy since they are the ones who lay the eggs and help populate your Farm so you can’t afford not to get the right ones. It’s advisable to buy from the right sources and examine their condition to see if they are healthy. Snails are hermaphrodites which means both sex of male and female can reproduce which is good news
  • Step  4 – Feeding and Rearing of your Snails.
    Snails feed on over 250-500 Plants..They are Vegetarians and they feed on different kind of fruits and vegetables. E.g Pawpaw Leaves,Cocoa Leaves,Plantain Leaves,Cucumber,Pear,Tomato, Cassava, Okra leaves , Pineapples, Banana, Watermelon, Pear,etc
    You can also buy a balanced Snail feed to enhance their production of eggs and growth.
  • Step 5 Protect Your Snail Pen from Predators Like Insects, Ants, Birds, Lizards, Snakes etc
    It’s good to pour A Bowl of condemned oil around your Snail Farm to scare off Insects, termites , Ants. while you can barricade the top of the cage or pen with barbwire's or nets to wade off lizards, birds. etc
  • Step 6 – Harvesting and Marketing of Snails
    There are lots of places you can sell your Snails like Markets, Auctions, Road side. You also have a huge list of Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, etc that you can supply your Snails to, There are Weddings, Parties or many types of Functions that will need snail because Snail is a huge delicacy for every party.
    You can also look into exporting to the international Market where you can make more Money.

Cost of Starting up a Snail Farm and Maintenance

Most important aspects of Starting up a Snail farm have already been listed Above; Housing,Buying Fresh Snails, Feeding, Handling and processing, Marketing and Transportation. Snail Farming is not capital Intensive like other Livestock.

You can start snail farming with little capital and still make Millions from it

  • check-circle-o
    2 For example if you start with 50 Snail breeders and if each of this 50 lay a minimum of 50 eggs each in a year 50 x 50=2500.
  • If only 2000 survive out of the 2500 and you decide to sell each at 500 Naira lowest price 500 x 800 = 1Million
    Now imagine if each snails lay more than 50 eggs each. That’s definitely a Gold Mine.

  • Conclusion
  • Snail Farming is the least capital Intensive Business with Huge and Quick Profit compared to other Livestock's. In terms of cost and time, Snail farming is also a Low risk Business, It needs little capital compared on how big the capacity of your Snail Farm. It also requires little operational Cost, You can even set it up in your Backyard or your Compound. This saves you the cost of buying a farm land.

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