The health benefits of waterleaf (efo gbure)(Talinum triangulare)

Waterleaf, (Talinum triangulare), is one of the nost underrated and undervalued plants in

Nigeria. Many scientific studies and trials have proved that water leaf shows that it can inhibit proliferation of cancer cells and shrink tumours. Other studies have been focused on its cerebral-protective potential and it indicates that the consumption of waterleaf enhances brain and protects brain tissues.Waterleaf is also a good remedy for insomnia- a

sleeping disorder.

Waterleaf contains more proteins than cashew nuts, more pectin (a food fiber that helps digestion) than apples, and also have high level of vitamin B, essential amino acids,

omega3-fatty acids, resins, iron, calcium,

copper, lead, manganese and zinc. It is also a rich source of carotenoids, vitamin C, A,

thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, alpha and beta etc.

The pounded waterleaf is applied to soothe

inflammations. An infusion of the leaves is taken as a diuretic. For prostate enlargement,

the roots are boiled. The dosage is half a glass twice daily.

Waterleaf is good and safe for pregnant women and growing children, as

it boosts their blood levels. Eating waterleaf

regularly as soup helps to regulate hypertension and diabetes.

Water leaf is also very beneficial when taken as vegetable, dried herbs and infusion.

However, juicing is the way to go if you want

the best out of waterleaf.

Do you feel tired and weak every time?

Are you battling with diabetes, hypertension

and arthritis?

Are you prone to frequent bouts of malaria?

Have you been diagnosed with cancer or you want to prevent it?

You want a glowing and youthful skin?

Try water leaf juice twice a week. A trial will convince you.

Bone health. Waterleaf is an excellent source of calcium and phosphorus, both of which are essential for healthy bones. Research has shown that taking calcium without phosphorus does very little for bone strength. The two elements appear to work together. They are especially good for helping women over 60 who are already suffering from osteoporosis..

Eye health.

Maintaining sufficient levels of vitamin A is essential for healthy eyes. Research indicates that vitamin A can slow the progression of retinal disease, reduce the risk of cataracts, and improve low-light vision. Waterleaf is a good source of vitamin A.

Iron defiency and Anemia

Waterleaf is an excellent dietary source of iron. Cognitive health.

Research indicates that eating a diet rich in vitamin C reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and slows age-related cognitive decline. Waterleaf is an excellent source of vitamin C, with about 31 mg for every 100 grams of vegetable matter

In addition, waterleaf is one of the best medicine against MEASLES in children. Pound a handful and add warm water. Strain and use as enema (pump) every morning for about a week.. Our Women and girls experience the highest rates of malnutrition. Over 58% of women are found to be anaemic. Eating waterleaf can solve that.

Waterleaf (Gbure).

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