Farming/Agriculture is a Very lucrative Business and it’s also a Goldmine to cash out on in a country like Nigeria. Agriculture might just be the cure to the Poverty that most of us suffer from, but only if we can just open our eyes to see how Blessed we are.

Why Farming/Agriculture is Profitable in Nigeria
⦁ 80% of the Nigerian Population
⦁ Nigeria has Arable Land which is Gold but it’s quite unfortunate that over 60% of our Arable Land remains Uncultivated
⦁ Nigerian Government has been taking steps to support Farmers and Young entrepreneurs with Loans,training and many incentives just to be able to help build the Country by minimizing food importation while we increase local production.
⦁ The Nigerian Govt is ready and willing to assist Farmers,Entrepreneurs,etc with all kind of supports and Logistics to help their Dreams come to Fruition
⦁ Nigeria boasts the highest purchasing Power in Africa,
⦁ Statistics from the Abattoirs states that we slaughter over 10,000 cattle in Lagos alone daily..that shows you Nigerians are one of the most merriment people on earth. The food and supplies that we use for parties can feed Four Other African Countries.
⦁ Agriculture/Farming can be a Great Foreign currency earner More than the Crude Oil that most people focus. on
⦁ Nigeria’s Agricultural Exports Hit N152.3 Billion Naira in the 1st six month of 2019..Jan-June
⦁ Nigeria spends close to $22bn on food import yearly.

List of Lucrative Farming in Nigeria

⦁ RICE FARMING – Rice is one of the most popular staple food in Nigeria. Almost every family eat rice Daily. Nigeria spends close to $22bn on food import yearly,$1.65bn of that money goes to rice importation mostly from Thailand and India. Due to the closure of the Nigeria Borders, Rice have become Gold ..Imagine it takes around 105-150days to harvest rice after crop cultivation? What are you waiting for? So many rice farmers making Millions from Rice Farming Currently.

⦁ – Cassava Farming – Cassava and Rice are almost in the same category because they are somewhat the two most popular staple food in a Nigerian Home and they cost almost the same price per Bag. Apart from Garri, There are a Multitude of products that can be produced from Cassava including Food, flour, Animal feed, Alcohol, Starches for sizing paper and textiles, sweeteners, bio degradable products and many many More

⦁ Plantain Farming – Plantain are Perennial crops. What this means is that once planted and harvested, You don’t need to plant it again, They grow back automatically which makes it a very Good Business. Unfortunately not everyone is taking advantage of this very Popular Food that can also be processed into many things like plantain chips, plantain flour which is expensive, Lots of Millions to be made yearly from Plantain Farming

4)Beans Farming – Beans are also very Popular in Nigeria but most of the Beans consumed in Nigeria are from the North which shows you the northerners are making a kill from Beans Farming. A Bag of Beans cost more than Rice / Garri. This is a Business that you can’t go wrong since Beans will thrive anywhere in Nigeria.

⦁ Catfish Farming – Catfish Farming is a very lucrative and profitable Business and it’s one of the Several Agricultural Investments we have in our Portfolio. You can partner with us at the Epiphany farmltd, we can make Catfish Farming very profitable and easy for you. We breed our own Fishes from fingerlings to Table size.Jumbo..etc, we also formulate our own Feeds. Invest with us and make a guaranteed 20 percent of your investment within a year.

⦁ Snail Farming – This is neither a capital intensive nor stressful Business, We already wrote an article about how profitable this venture more about it on our blog or purchase our e book which is very important for everyone who want to be able to do it right
⦁ Poultry Business – Although Poultry Business is a Capital intensive Business, It’s a very profitable and lucrative Business if it’s done right. From the Meat to the Eggs to the dropping are all ways and avenue to increase your profit from Poultry Farming

⦁ Pig Farming – Pig Farming is a very profitable and lucrative Business that can change your life in no time but you can only thrive in the Business with the right training, right Business Plan, right Funding and right Resources. Pig reproduction Rate are very High so it’s definitely a Gold Mine on it’s own

⦁ Maize Farming – Maize Farming is also a very fast and profitable venture. It takes less than 4 month to plant and harvest Maize, You can earn your money quickly by supplying your fresh maize or you can even process it into flour and many other value additional products and earn more Money.

Many many other Farming and Agricultural Ventures like
Grass cutters farming, Goat Rearing, Pineapple, Honeybee, Watermelon Vines etc


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